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What they now had inside their possession was a spiritual document that was quite carefully related to the teachings from the non-dualistic Vedanta with the Hindu faith, and that the profundity from the Vedanta undoubtedly paralleled the plain profundity with the Course.Sofie Blake has had the best idea of her everyday living! To obtain the vital r… Read More

.9 Schucman described the method as the sort of inner dictation common to all kinds of other channeled works. She wrote, “It could possibly’t be an hallucination, truly, since the Voice won't originate from outside. It’s all inner.Dr. Wayne Dyer's the latest passing has reminded me of all the beautiful teachings that he launched to me such as… Read More

We thought that we had sinned versus God, that we experienced released a true attack which triggered actual destruction., from a lot of topic-based talks and gatherings from world wide. These talks are available in both of those audio and video clip formats.Devaji's tender, loving wisdom gives a singular consider the non-dual teachings. From a deep… Read More

The supply of all struggling is really a belief in separation from God, and thru knowledge and implementing the metaphysics of the Course in Miracles, yow will discover the escape hatch from the world the ego manufactured., via a large number of talks and gatherings from throughout the world. These talks can be found in each video clip and audio f… Read More